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The solutions that THESEO offers are based on long-standing experience and daily support for our customers in the field. Our methodology (KMC) includes a set of tools devoted to Knowledge, Method and Control of the protocols.

Discover the KMC® approach


1st software for managing the sanitary safety of drinking water in livestock breeding

  • Versatome: 3 in 1 software for complete water quality management;
  • Practical and easy to use: can be taken anywhere for auditing and consultancy;
  • Safe and economical: configured to offer the right treatment at the right dose;
  • Available on Android: mobile application downloadable from Google Play.


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) comprises “devices or means designed to be worn or held by a person to protect him or her against one or more risks liable to threaten his or her health or safety.” (French Labour Code)

In order to make it easier to choose from among different items of safety equipment and ensure proper protection for applicators against the risks to which they are exposed in using our products, THESEO has designed 2 Individual Protection Packs, complete and adapted to the use of its products:

  • The Regular IPP pack;
  • The Premium IPP + pack.

These packs both contain all the necessary equipment for a product application: mask, gloves, suit and safety glasses. The difference between the two packs lies in the breathing masks: the Regular pack contains a half-face mask while the Premium pack includes a full-face mask.


Water quality measuring device

  • Model selected by THESEO experts;
  • Measurement of the majority of biocides used in animal breeding: chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide;
  • Laboratory-grade results;
  • Simple, no calibration required, accurate and fast.

The Chlorine + eXact® EZ photometer measures the amount of chlorine and chlorine dioxide in drinking water allowing adjustment of the treatment dose. This tool can test up to 9 water quality parameters*: free chlorine (FC), hydrogen peroxide (HP) and chlorine dioxide (Cd).

The photometer uses a quick and easy reagent system for analysis. Simply dip a strip into the water sample for 20 seconds with a simple back and forth movement. Then discard the strip and instantly read the results.

*Combined chlorine (CLH), ozone (O3), peracetic acid (PA), pH 6.4 to 8.4(PH), Total chlorine (TC), Bromine (bR). Reagents not marketed by THESEO.


Precise pH meter with simultaneous display

  • 2-point calibration with automatic buffer recognition (2 series of buffers stored);
  • Long pH electrode service life, with membrane junction renewable up to 20 times;
  • Replaceable electrode;
  • Sturdy, watertight casing.

The pH meter measures and displays the pH value and temperature simultaneously. Compact and waterproof, it fits in any pocket and is at home in the field or in industrial and hostile environments. It is recommended for rapid and isolated measurements. The measurement range is from -0.2 to 16.


pH strips and peroxide

The pH and peroxide test strips are paper strips. After dipping the strip in the solution to be tested, simply compare the test areas of the strip with the colour scales on the jars. The strips have up to 4 colour change zones.


Simple and straightforward system for managing and controlling hygiene in livestock breeding

  • Sensitivity: 50 µg;
  • Fast: between 0 and 10 minutes;
  • Simple to use: swab, click and interpret;
  • Storage at room temperature;
  • Simplified colour-coded reading.

The 3M™ Clean-Trace™ hygiene management system is a fast and optimised solution for cleanliness and hygiene control activities. It measures total contamination in less than a minute, detecting protein residues and reducing sugars in order to assess the cleanliness of surfaces.