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Working with you to improve livestock rearing practices

Integrated risk management leads to controlled biosafety. That’s why Theseo has developed its KMC (Knowledge – Method – Control) approach:

  • Knowledge: recognise and identify risk factors to reduce them more effectively.
  • Method: prioritise and introduce actions that if left unmanaged, can lead to the failure of this global approach.
  • Control: Regularly check and monitor methods used for continual confirmation and adjustment.

This has allowed THESEO to develop many customisable tools that simplify the introduction of daily biosafety practices.


Biosecurity Guide

Biosecurity requires a global approach to livestock farming problems. These guides, written with the help of livestock farming experts, bring together the main principles for each species.

Details and illustrations of preventive measures are included to enable a full prevention programme to be established on livestock farms.

Hyg-e-news Hygiene Newsletter

Hyg-e-news is an electronic newsletter for livestock farming hygiene. It tackles the latest industry sanitation issues, news and effectiveness test results for Theseo products.

Hyg-e-box Sales aid – e-learning medium

The Hyg-e-Box is a virtual, interactive knowledge base with answers to all questions concerning the basics of biosafety. Condensed down from Theseo’s expert knowledge, it’s an innovative solution for training and raising awareness among those involved in livestock production.

Visual, educational, interactive, expert and practical, it demonstrates our wish to open up biosafety to new technologies and to make the most technical ideas more accessible.

Hyg-e-consult Technical Assistance

Theseo supports its partners in their programmes:

  • Ensuring correct use of products and thus greater effectiveness,
  • Helping achieve compliance with regulations
  • Providing appropriate customised assistance for every problem: quality, safety, environment and product, etc.


Cleaning and disinfecting PROTOCOLS

For each species, these protocols define the methodology to use in livestock rearing.

They provide breeders with recommendations on product use and application equipment as well as practical advice on how to make savings. 

This optimises disinfection and improves decontamination for best animal production results.

Hyg-e-dose Dosage Calculator

Hygidose is our automatic product dosage calculation software that takes into account surface areas to be treated and livestock species.

Using the correct dose is a key criterion for risk avoidance: decontamination failure (under-dosage), waste (over-dosage).

Available for PC and mobile use (iPhone).


Cleaning and disinfecting control plan

Theseo offers a DISINFECTION CONTROL protocol which is an extension of the hygiene programme.

Checking for the presence of microbe populations against which resources have been deployed, the DISINFECTION CONTROL protocol enables the effectiveness of the cleaning/disinfecting carried out on the livestock farm to be assessed.

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