Theseo offers a wide range of high performance detergents to eliminate organic matter and biofilm, improving the effectiveness of subsequent disinfection.

Surface cleaning


Alkaline detergent

Self-foaming degreasing detergent for livestock farm surfaces and equipment.

  • Low corrosive effect on equipment, ideal for continual use


Powerful Alkaline Detergent

Powerful detergent thanks to thick foam that adheres to partitions and effective surfactants. Rapidly and effortlessly lifts dirt and offers high rinsibility.

  • Thick foam
  • Long contact time  
  • Easy to rinse
  • Save time on cleaning


Neutral enzymatic detergent

Ecocert certified detergent containing a cocktail of enzymes that act on sugars, lipids and proteins to ensure they lift easily and dirt is held in suspension

  • Attacks and lifts greasy biofilm on surfaces
  • Saves time and especially water in cleaning phases
  • Effective even in cold water
  • Useable in organic farming
  • Non classified
  • Non corrosive: safe for equipment

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