Theseo, a French company specialising in livestock biosecurity, is consolidating its international position with the opening of a new subsidiary in Poland: Theseo Polska. Based in Gdansk, it will be dedicated to the development of livestock hygiene practices through the provision of relevant assessments, advice and products.


Poland is a key market inTheseo’s international development strategy. It is the 10th largest producer of pork, the 7th largest producer of poultry for meat purposes, and its animal production is growing rapidly.


This strong growth demands reliable solutions. Drawing on all the expertise provided by Theseo, our Theseo Polska subsidiary can be confident of meeting these demands. Based on product tests conducted under real livestock conditions, Theseo offers a range of disinfectants acting on the main viruses responsible for the sanitary problems encountered in recent months, particularly in Poland: Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus and African Swine Fever.


Our subsidiary aims to provide a customised service, with tailored assistance and dedicated technical support enabling immediate and direct collaboration with production sector professionals.


The commercial offer provided to customers encompasses a wide range of biosecurity products and services:


  • Internationally renowned disinfectants
  • Complementary products for building hygiene (detergents)
  • Products intended for the treatment of drinking water and pipes
  • Pest control products (rodenticides)


Theseo Polska has already obtained Marketing Authorisation for the sale of its flagship disinfectant TH5. Awaiting further Marketing Authorisations, the Theseo subsidiary is set to see a strengthening of its product range between now and late 2015.


François Martignoni (Theseo MD) : “Thanks to its dynamism and the quality of its agricultural sector, Poland is a strategic country for us. With our team of experts, we plan to develop a range of innovative products and services in the field of livestock biosecurity, in response to the growing needs of the sector. "


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